Child Care

Laughter, learning and love for babies, toddlers and children right up to school age.

Friendly Environment

Dedicated to providing the highest standards of care and environment for your child.

Active Learning

Spacious outdoor playground in the heart of Salisbury City.

Welcome to First Steps!
First Steps Nursery has been operating from Brown Street in Salisbury since 1992.
During this time, we have gained an enviable reputation for providing top-class childcare and a safe, secure place for our children to grow, play and learn.
That is due to our genuine commitment to providing the best possible environment for young children combined with an ambition to continually assess, improve and invent to ensure we are meeting our desired high standards. We are committed to our children’s care and development and strive to provide a happy, welcoming place for all of our little guests.
We are proud of our nursery – we would be delighted if you came along to see for yourself.

Nursery Activities

Local walks

Being in the heart of Salisbury we embrace our beautiful city by taking the children on trips to discover the local attractions and participate in community events

Themed events

We organise special, fun events within the nursery on a termly basis taking into account the interests of the children

Extra activities

We search for outside agencies to come in and give the children new experiences, based on our termly plans

Our world

We enjoy growing our own vegetables and recycling materials to create opportunities for children to use their imagination in play experiences

Our Nursery


Children are born with enquiring minds and the curiosity to explore the world and develop the skills they require to prosper and grow. At First Steps, we believe our job is to help our children in this natural process to develop independence, grow in confidence and gain bundles of self-esteem.

That’s why at First Steps we emphasise the importance of giving the children the time to explore and make their own decisions as this enables them to develop one of many life skills. Our practitioners are trained to facilitate these actions – directing, leading and helping rather than dictating each day.

So, our children are given the freedom to explore the rooms and the outdoor space, rather than spending their day in a single room. They decide where and how they want to spend their day, utilising all our lovely natural resources – always, of course, being kept safe and encouraged to learn through their play.

Our building is full of character and charm with a home from home feel. We have designed our nursery to create natural, light and inviting rooms where children get the opportunity to interact with and play alongside their older peers.

We find that this approach leads to children that are happy, engaged and naturally inquisitive – and ready to continue their journey when they leave us for school.


Why First Steps?


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