Linking between home and nursery

We value parents/carers as the child’s first and important educator. It is important that we work in partnership to support the child’s development and confidence. We do our best to promote good communication to ensure we offer your child the best possible opportunities and always welcome your comments and suggestions.

One way we do this is by assigning your child with a keyworker.

A key worker is a named practitioner who has responsibilities for a small group of children, they are there to help the child feel safe and secure. The role is important for both child and parent/carer and it is an approach set out in the EYFS. The key worker will respond to children’s needs and help them settle into a new environment. A Key person will be a point of contact for parents.

Other roles of a key worker may include:

  • On settling sessions the key worker will complete ‘All about me’ forms with parents/carers, this starts the beginning of the child’s learning journey.
  • Promote a positive relationship between nursery and home, engage in a positive way, create a bond with the parent/ carer
  • Help children to settle at nursery, reassure and comfort parent/carer e.g. take photos in their absence to aid feedback.
  • Key worker is inclusive, they are aware of the child’s individual needs, related to their culture, background, any learning disabilities, ability, dietary requirements and sensitivities, to pass the information to the rest of the staff team and ensure they are met.
  • Written learning journeys are completed and stimulating activities planned according to stage and development of child.
  • Participate in and plan ways of getting parents/carers involved e.g. progress meetings, informal occasions; stay and play, themed weeks, trips.
  • Settling in progress review after 6 weeks.
  • Provide daily verbal feedback to parents/carers.
  • Tracking sheets are completed with parent/carer when a child starts the nursery and then completed termly by key worker.

Another way we ensure children feel safe and secure, is in the absence of their key worker we have a buddy system. This system is where we assign your child a ‘second key worker’ which we called their buddy. The buddy’s role is to be there for the child and parents/carers to provide extra support if needed.

We also have a nursery parent app which helps us stay in communication with our families and share nursery events. This app can be downloaded on any smart phone and is accessed through a username and password, which we will provide you.

We also have a nursery parent app which provides us with an additional way to communicate with our families. This app allows us the ability to share our termly newsletters, seasonal food menus, parent meetings and much more. You will also have access to monthly invoices and be able to directly send us messages. The app can be downloaded on any smart phone and is accessed through a username and password, which we will provide you.