Equal Opportunities and Special Needs Policy

We believe in a totally integrated nursery where children and adults have equal opportunities regardless of race, colour, gender or disability. We celebrate the diversity of individuals and actively encourage the children and staff to recognise and build on individuality.
We look to the needs of each individual child and carefully monitor their progress and plan the work to meet their particular needs.
We celebrate many different festivals and cultures through varied activities. These add value and interest to both adults and children as we immerse ourselves in the music, food, dance, clothes and customs. We welcome any help and advice from you to help us celebrate these festivals. In addition, we celebrate the cultures and traditions of the families within the nursery and value any help from parents/carers with this.


We place great emphasis on valuing and supporting the individuality of the children.


We aim to identify and then assess children’s special needs, discuss this with parents and plan appropriate activities to meet their needs. We work closely with outside agencies that can offer support.
The nursery has a designated SENCO.