We call this room ‘Acorns’ because this is where the seeds are planted for our children to grow and prosper. Our Acorns room is a large, beautiful space packed with opportunities to explore and investigate the world.

In here, babies from 3 months up to around 2 years old get the opportunity to engage in stimulating activities alongside one another. Having these age groups together has huge benefits, both practical (it reduces room and key worker transitions which can be challenging) and emotional (children experience varied levels of maturity and are not separated from their friends by having to settle into multiple rooms throughout their time at nursery).

The room is zoned to give a different canvas depending on what children want to do at any time, ranging from role play, creative activities, messy activities, stories and so on. There is a cosy area for the children where they have access to sensory toys and an increasing range of books. This is a lovely space for the children where they have the opportunity to relax and have some quiet time.

We have a construction area for building, a small world area where children have access to cars, trains and animals, a role play area so children can use their imagination as well as a maths area. The room is equipped with a kitchenette for safe preparation of baby bottles and food and a designated changing area for the children at nappy times.

In the open space we have a slide for the children and various other toys for them to explore.

We also have a sleep room, which is used by all children that sleep in the nursery. This is a lovely quiet room for the children to have a rest.

When the children are around 2 years old, they move down to our Oaks room. We ensure this is a smooth transition for the children by allowing the children the time to visit their new room and introducing the parents to the Oaks team.

Acorns Room Staff

Jade Pepperell
Acorns Room Manager
Caroline Bryan
Key Worker
Lesley Stephens
Key Worker
Kim Haynes
Key Worker
Jo Anslow
Key Worker
Raquel Ferreira
Key Worker
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Acorn Room
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